It is possible to visit us by booking a time in advance. We try to be flexible with session times and accommodate your need. Our floating center is open based on existing bookings. If you can't attend your booked session then please cancel it/let us know a day before. Thank you!

Bookings made through the booking system can be serviced if the booking is made at least the day before. Otherwise we ask you to confirm it by calling us.

Booking system allows you to:

  • choose the service: it is possible to choose between three session lengths
  • choose how many people you make the booking for: just for one or two at the same time
  • choose suitable time: choose the date and available session time
  • add contact info: name, email, phone
    Please leave a correct email and phone number so you will receive the booking confirmation as well as a link for cancelling the booking later on if necessary.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions the chosen session is booked for you and we will see you soon at Süda 12 (green wooden building, on the door there is a fono lock where you find uppermost button marked FLOATING)!

If you don’t find a suitable time in the booking system then please do call us/send us an email and we will find a way (given system takes bookings just for the standard daily times, but we can usually be much more flexible with sessions).

The fastest way to get hold of us is to give us a call +372 5109870 or send us an email